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Ex-Coronation Street actor Ryan Thomas getting close to former.

Lucy tried to keep their relationship private, but this duo was seen outside Lucy's boutique in Essex, with the tattooed hunk Nathan looking ready to help with the DIY work.

Colchester Institute lecturer Lucy Tiffney to compete in the final of.

But what's more interesting is that this duo had an encounter with Lucy's ex-boyfriend Mario Falcone.

<strong>Lucy</strong> Mecklenburgh's New Love Boyfriend Nathan Sharpe, Past.

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We will get to that soon but first, let's find out about Nathan and Lucy.

The most-wanted singles in London, according to dating app Happn.

Must Read: Mentioned earlier, Lucy and Nathan had tried to keep the relationship as private as possible but this duo was spotted outside Lucy's boutique in Essex.

Lucy essex dating:

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